New Website!

Check out my new portfolio site here!

My new spot features a more organized layout and some of my favorite sketches. The past year has been filled with working crazy hours at jobs that drain time and energy from creating finished works. Sketching has helped me keep my sanity and kept my hands prepped for a time when I get more financially settled in this wonderful city of Austin, TX.

Giving Back to the Community

For non-profit organization Keep Austin Fed.
 I was asked to create an easy-to-understand infographic that illustrated the distribution of donated food to the community. The final product was a 20 x 30 poster used for promotional purposes at a local Farmer's Market.

Client Projects

Promotional Flyer for Upscale Gas Station Deli

Logo commissioned  for a venue. Features a magnolia created with the 
Gradient Mesh Tool in Illustrator.

Commissioned business card design. Features an all-vector layout for easy scaling. 
(Elements from this design to be used for future flyers)

Sample Flyers for Certified Natural Chef Kabui

These two flyers were presented to Chef Kabui and used for various events. 
The layouts have been used to advertise dinners for Burt's Bees as well as the urban farming legend, Will Allen. 

Photos by Meri Hy√∂ky

The Illustrated Works


A Golden Addy Award-winning composition inspired by my first urban exploring experience in 2008. The two figures facing in opposite directions symbolize my conflicting natures:

 overly cautious vs. bold and daring. Though the two figures oppose each other,
 both by hue and direction, they both have similar destinations in mind.


A render using images made with Maya and crafting a silhouette style in Photoshop.